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In what our editions you want to participate?
Evaluate your skills in different areas.
W | Writing
E | Editing / improving
P | Proof-reading
C | Criticism
CH | Coaching
T | Translating
CO | Co-working for stuff
I | Illustrating
P | Photography
D | Design
HA | Hunting for authors
HS | Hunting for stuff
CS | Conversation skills
M | Management
PR | Promoting
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What are poёnts:
Each poёnt (p.) is a result of your creative activities in our network: urgency, type, quality and amount of your creative works / tasks made for us, for yourself or for other persons. We use it as invisible assets for exchanges between our participants (for example: your service for gathered poents of another person) and for granting bonuses from network.

Alternative: but of course you can use exchange of services (service for service) between participants as an alternative to not spend your gathered poёnt and keep them for special bonuses from the Senior staff.

Limitation: to avoid any bulk submissions for gathering X amount of poёnt we have limitation - you can submit only new stuff, stuff created for us or with us, and a limited amount of old unpublished stuff (it depends on size of network and it's work possibilities).
Choose an option for creative activities:
Choose a scheme of your activity
Choose an option for evaluating your stuff and activities:
We can use alternative system of evaluation terms, for example: bad (0-20% of maximum poёnts for this activity), so-so (30-50%), good (60-80 %), ingenious (90-100%). Example: you can gather from 1 to 8 poёnts for writing a poem, if you will write a bad poem we can grant you with 0-1,6 poёnts.

Penalty: in any evaluation of your stuff there may be penalties for authors with bad and so-so results. We will ban you for the same activity for 3-12 month if we feel you have not progressed as a writer and we will ask you to revise / rewrite / edit and improve your work.
Because you can't translate Goethe in Google Translator or steal 100 unpublished poems from your shy neighbor and then ask us for 1000 poёnts.

Limitation: you can't gather poёnts by doing something for or with a bad or mediocre material. The only way is to improve it or translate with improvement (with possible -50% penalty). Please don't do any art, design, illustration for boiler plate material as both the artwork and verse will not be published.


Types of activities and amounts of poёnts you can gain by doing them:

1.1) poem (0,5-6 p.)
1.2) epic poem (1-12 p.)
1.3) column (0,5-3 p.) | only with a special permission from staff or for additional poёnts.
1.4) essay / article / short fiction (0,5-3 p.)
1.5) review for another stuff (1-2 p.) | author of stuff reviewed by you will get 20% of poёnts gained from it - bonus for inspiration
1.6) Interview with interesting / infamous person (1-6 p.) | you should find a person for interview by your own

Bonus: writing of exclusive stuff with guided topic and without sharing (+50% of gained poёnts)
Penalty: 50% of gained poёnts for free verse poems with an exception for ingenious ones.
Extra: if your topic and text will be too different from topics of current issue we can hold it for the next issue or publish as special teaser-page for publishing on social networks.

2.1) personal sign / logotype in our style (1 p.)
2.2) personal portrait (1-2 p. / +100% if you want to guide a painter)
2.3) illustration (1-6 p. or free for "ingenious" result),
2.4) design of the page (1 p. or free for "ingenious" result),
2.5) request for recasting design or illustration (3 p.),
2.6) alternative illustration for the already published stuff (1-3 p.),
2.7) standalone art / photo for the special section (1-4 p.)

3.1) translating (0,5-6 p. | till 12 for epic texts). Read about types of translating below:
- Self-translation: if you are dare enough to translate yourself we can grant you free poёnts for editing and evaluating services | 1-4 poёnts
- Special self-translation for bilingual publishing with synchronisation of original and translated text with possible rewriting | free poёnts for editing and evaluating | 1-6 p.
- Making the best translation of infamous classical / modern poem | +100% of poёnts
- Making the first translation of classical / modern poem of widely known author | + 50% of poёnts
- Word-for-word translation with marks of rhymes, rhythm, difficulties or preliminary draft of translation | 0,5-2 p.
- Classical unclear translation of another person's poem themed on original | 1-3 p. + evaluating as stand-alone poem with gathering of 1-3 p.
- Total translation of another person's poemwith evaluating of correspondence between rhyming, rhythm, meaning of translation and original | 0/6 p. - all or none

Extra: you can do translating in a team if you are an inexperienced translator.
Check our updates about new ways of translating.

3.2) editing (0,5-3 p.),
3.3) proof-reading (free for "good" and "ingenious" results)
3.4) improving (1-6 p.).
Note: you should choose only stuff accepted by our staff.

4.1) hunting for participants - one hunted author or useful person will grant you 10% of it's poёnts gained the next month,
4.2) promotion - writing a review for publication outside of the network (1-3 p.)
4.3) posting the best work from our magazine on social networks (0,1-1 p.)

5.1) reading stuff (free, by schedule or 1 p. for forced reading)
5.2) evaluating stuff (with good/bad or better/worse, free for any person who works with us for at least two months or 1 p.)
5.3) consulting (free or 1-3 p. per conversation)
5.4) practical training (1-10 p. per lesson) / creative practice with games, duels (duel with staff member online or in absentia, duel with the great person from past) and competitions (free with bonus poёnts)

- on the front burner (immediate): bonus for 50% of poёnts.
- up to schedule for upcoming issue: no bonuses
- overdue: penalty for 50% of poёnts.

1) IN: you can spend poёnts for your personal needs without warranty of publication in our network and without our permissions for publishing outside of it. For persons with mostly "poor" and "so-so" results.
Applicability: you can spend your poёnts for gym-nasia options, post-production option with except of translation work or any option made by our practicants.
Logic: We don't want our name associated with poor quality. New Poetry should be linked with sublimity.
2) OUT: spending poёnts for the future publication in the next our issue with warranty and possible publication on personal blogs or social networks. For persons with mostly "good" and "ingenious" results.
3) OUT+: spending poёnts for publication outside of the network with our permission and our names placed in credits | For persons with mostly "good" and "ingenious" results who are working for collaborative magazines, Indie-magazines, personal blogs, official books. Penalty: see limitations below.

All other options for spending poents and ways with access to them:

1) Exchange for the same activity in the schedule | if translators wants their work to be translated (and not do the work themselves).
Penalty: + 50% of poents because we don't want to make you lazy in your main activity area.

2) Exchange for the doing a different activity in the schedule | No penalties

3) Unscheduled forced exchange | for example, if you want to be translated just here and now
Penalty: + 100% of poёnts + special permission

4) Unscheduled forced publication of your ready stuff on the site with permission to share the link on social networks
Penalty: only for previous published authors, laureates, stars and other persons with fans and readers.

5) Publication of reprint, previously published stuff
Penalty: reprint must be improved for publishing as new version with new comments, design and illustrations gained with penalty for 200% of poёnts.

6) Advertisement for your creative projects, books, poems in the next issue | it can differ by size, type and place in the issue | Starter price of poents is 20.
Type option: text only, with design, with art, with recommendations, with review (you have to spend poёnts for any additional text, art or design we will make fo you)
Size options: footer of page, column on page (+3 poёnts), one page (+6 poёnts)
Place options: on the cover (+ 10 poёnts), in the features stuff (+ 5 poёnts), random place (we will decide)

7) Exchange for the exclusive activity | if you're asking for help a person with unique skills, for example the only coder or designer in a team, the senior editor or co-editors.
Penalty: + 200% | Alternative: to avoid or reduce penalty you can help these persons, find helpers for them or new participants with the same level of skills.

8) Exchange for a special interview with questions from the all editors or guest-stars.
Penalty: only for persons who was previously published in our magazines with good recommendations from all other editors.

9) Increasing amount of pages in the issue | 1 addional page costs 10 poёnts | you can turn your ready one-page poem to 5-pages masterpiece, but you have to gain poёnts for addional design or illustrations.
Extra: 1 column = 15 poents, Personal section filled by your stuff = 50-150 poents. Special additional personal issue with interview and selection of stuff = 400+ poёnts

10) Exchange for special privileges and roles: to lead your personal regular column, to lead already-existing heading / section, to request for creation a new section just for you and for leading it (Penalty: 100% or poёnts for design), to lead an additional edition or to be co-editor.
Penalty: you have to work with us for six months with be in good standing with all other editors or be a superstar in literature to request these options.

11) Exchange for a special improvement of your stuff - reincarnation | It costs 6-12 p. | recasting of stuff with better result or translation with total improvement of its quality. In this case, you will be a co-author of the improved version of the poem. Meaning that whoever edited your work, will be credited as 'editor' beneath the author's name

12) Personal profile with bio & design on our site + mini-blog, examples of best stuff and custom links. This premium option is available only for participants previously published in our issues with some gathered poents.


Possibility of buying poents: yes, you can buy poёnts to get our services. It must be discussed in a personal capacity. But we won't publish bad quality stuff even for a million of $. So you have to be really good writer (also lazy and high-income) to use this option.

Denying of exchange: if you don't want to help another person who requested your help and gained poents for it you can deny him/her but in this case you will get bad reputation soon with all after-effects.

Can I code something or design a web?
Yes, by our guidance.

My work is polished and clean but I have no poёnts, what should I do?
You can translate it / send for evaluation by staff / proofread, edit, improve it.

"Living issue" system or how to lead-out a magazine.

Each our issue is a living structure with different options for publishing, it depends on how good were you in the creation process, in other words on the quantity and quality of the material. Using this logic the issue can be even rejected and held in abeyance due to poor quality, and yes, even the International edition can fall. So let's figure out these ways of publishing.

1) Mini-standalone edition with one language | 30-45 pages
2) Additional edition on hold with one language | Less than 30 pages | can be added to another types of editions.
3) Duet edition | from 60 pages | with a combination of two additional editions in one.
4) Billingual edition | from 60 pages | with translations of all stuff to one additional language
5) Stand-alone edition with one language | more than 60 pages
6) Multilingual edition | from 100 pages | with translations to 5 languages and more
7) Kaleidoscope stand-alone edition | combination of four and more additional editions (like Pan-Asian) | More than 100 pages
8) Open edition | Recommended | More than 80 pages | this edition has a special section with content and translations from other editions (size of section - from 30 pages).

All other parameters are engaged with amount of poёnts gathered by editorial staff. If you have no poёnts for illustrations and design your edition will be published on a local site only.

For example:
1) E-zine on a local site without design and art
2) E-zine on a local site with featured design and illustrations
3) Ready to print magazine with full design
4) Printed magazine made by patrons, funds or any other government organizations under control of the senior staff.

Note: All texts from single-language editions must be interlinear translated to English (in a readable and understandable form) and approved by the senior stuff before publishing.